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Every 2  years DeafBlind Access of the South (DBAS) offers adults who are DeafBlind (or Hard-of-Hearing/Low-vision in any combination) a rare chance to get together with others like themselves and have Support Service Providers (SSPs) to enable them to communicate effortlessly. 

Participants at DBAS Retreat will have the opportunity to create an individualized schedule of activities based upon their interests. The daily schedule starts as early as 7:30 am and can continue until 10:00 pm or later (all depending on the camper’s preferences)!

Here is a sample of some of the types of activities provided:

Paddle Boats/Canoeing
Swimming (Pool)
Arts & Crafts, Adapted Games
Themed Parties & Celebrations
Educational Workshops
Bible Study
Field Trips (Many different places)
Story Telling
Hiking/Walking trails
Horseback Riding
Mini-bike riding
Motorcycle rides (Passengers)
And so much more!

Transportation to and from the airport can be arranged and transportation at the camp is provided. There are basketball courts, Wi-Fi, and lots of gathering areas to make lifelong friends. 

Accommodations are rustic but comfortable. The rooms are temperature controlled, clean linens are supplied, and the walkways between buildings are easily navigated.

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